Focus on Planning and Preparation

What we believe makes Crowd Amplify different is that our focus is heavily based around educating and supporting project creators so that more of the projects that are run on Crowd Amplify get funded.

The harsh truth…

Did you know that even the most successful crowdfunding platforms have campaign success rates of lower than 45%? In fact, some of the biggest platforms in the world have success rates below 20%!

We're Not Trying to Scare You

In fact it's the exact opposite. We want you to succeed by learning from those who came before you, which is why we place such emphasis on the pre-campaign planning process.

We believe the single biggest reason that so many crowdfunding projects fail to reach their funding goal is because of a lack of information and preparation. Our hope is that by highlighting the path to success for our users, we can help you overcome that hurdle.

Among other things that make Crowd Amplify different, you won't find any place on our site where we encourage you to "launch your campaign today!" Unless you've already spent the last few months planning your campaign, you probably shouldn't. But we'd be thrilled to help you start preparing one today!

To try and give project creators the tools they need to execute a campaign that is built to succeed, Crowd Amplify has an extensive Interactive Campaign Planning Guide that will allow users to input information directly into the document as they progress through the planning stages and will offer benchmarks to identify potential challenges that should be addressed before the campaign should be launched. The goal is that everyone who follows the steps should have a campaign that is built to have an excellent opportunity to fully funded.

To take things a step further, we also wanted to solve the problem of people just not having confidence in their ability to run a crowdfunding campaign or who are intimidated by the whole process.

Many entrepreneurs have excellent ideas but if they don't know how to raise funding, then they are at a real disadvantage. There are services out there that require up front payments (which can be tough to afford when the whole point of your campaign is to raise funding!) but we believe there should be other options.

So, we've partnership with a company called 8848 Mkt., a Montreal based marketing firm, and together we have created what we think is a pretty innovative solution. You can click here to learn more about it.

Project creators who are confident in their abilities can use Crowd Amplify on their own, but, for those who need support, Crowd Amplify can help take some of the fear out of the crowdfunding process.

Flexible Funding Options

We realize that every fundraising initiative is different. Project creators will be able to select from three funding models to make sure you have the best match for your campaign:

"All-or Nothing"

While you might think the exact opposite would be true, the "All-or-Nothing" funding model historically has the highest success rate among all campaigns. It also carries the highest risk as project creators do not receive any of the contributions pledged unless the campaign reaches 100% of its funding goal. However, the "fear of loss" that comes with that risk can be a powerful tool encouraging you and your supporters to help you push for your goals.

"Tipping Point"

As a middle ground between the other two funding models, we offer the concept of "Tipping point" campaigns. Some projects (such as start-up businesses and arts-related initiatives) that want to offer rewards to donors may be required to reach a minimum funding threshold before campaigns are eligible to receive funds. This is intended to protect supporters who contribute to projects through crowdamplify.com by making sure project organizers will have the necessary resources to meet their fulfillment obligations. Once the minimum threshold (which can be set by the project creator and must be approved by Crowd Amplify) is exceeded, campaigns will become eligible to receive all of the pledged funds and any additional funds thereafter will be immediately available to the project creator.

"Keep-it All"

For campaigns (such as personal cause or non-profit programs) where every dollar is needed no matter what level of funding is reached, we offer the option of letting you keep all of the contributions received.


Ok, so there are SOME limits on what the application can be used to raise funding for, but we think they're pretty reasonable. Just keep things positive (nothing discriminatory will be accepted) and be honest and clear about who you are and what the money is for and you shouldn't have any problems.

As an example, here's a listing of some of the various categories of crowdfunding campaigns that are accepted at Crowd Amplify:

Social Personal Business Creative
Non-Profit/Charity Education/Tuition Technology Art
Faith/Religion Travel Food Fashion
Community Medical/Health Science Dance
Schools Accidents & Emergencies Start-ups/Entrepreneurs Music
Environmental Animals Politics Theater
Sports/Recreational Programs Memorial/Funeral   Film
  Family   Video & Web
  Wedding/Special Occasions   Photography
  Legal   Writing
  Military/Veterans   Comics
  Athletics/Competitions   Video Games

And if your project doesn't fall into any of the above groups, that doesn't necessarily mean it can be run on Crowd Amplify, it just means we may need to make some new categories! Just contact our support team and we can help answer your questions.

Open to International Campaigns

At the time of our launch, Crowd Amplify will be able to accept contributions from anywhere in the world. We can also host projects based in 18 countries with additional countries being added shortly.