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So, you’ve got a great project idea and want to crowdfund it. That’s great! Creating a great project is the most important task so you’re well on your way. The next step on your path is to plan, prepare and execute a successful campaign that will enable you to achieve your goals.

Running a crowdfunding campaign can be a very rewarding experience. For project teams who have the right skills or have the time to learn how to plan and execute a campaign it provides a well-earned sense of accomplishment. If you and your project team want to learn how to plan and run a campaign yourselves, we highly recommend our free interactive campaign planning guide to help you through the process.

For some though, a campaign is a very time consuming process that is difficult to manage and requires a set of skills that not everyone is comfortable with, especially when the success of your project depends on your team’s ability to run an effective campaign. A lack of confidence in your crowdfunding abilities shouldn’t prevent you from achieving success for your project.

For people who find themselves in that situation, we wanted to go beyond simple instructional tips and tricks and provide a viable second option. That desire led us to the team at 8848 Mkt. Crowd Amplify has partnered with 8848 Mkt. to offer the services below so project teams who need hands-on assistance to lead them through the planning and execution of their campaign can have access to the support they need in a cost effective, risk free manner.

8848 MKT

Service Description Fees
Full-service campaign management
Our full service campaign management program includes all of the services listed below as well as unlimited hours of consultation with your crowdfunding marketing expert. 5%
(An amount equivalent to 5% of campaign funds raised, strong payable only if your funding goal is reached.*)
Campaign consultation services Spend time with a crowdfunding marketing expert. Have an opportunity to brainstorm and generate easy-to-execute ideas for your campaign. (Available in 1hr. increments) All of the services in this section can be made available on an individual basis. Please contact 8848 Mkt or Crowd Amplify for additional details.
Competitive analysis and comparisons Receive a report outlining similar projects funded on crowdfunding platforms around the web. How did they do? What were their funding obstacles and how did they overcome them? What were their funding goals?
Campaign branding Support with your logo, tag line and messaging.
Campaign page development If you have the necessary media but need support in articulating your message, have a crowdfunding marketing expert create your campaign page to maximize its appeal.
Campaign video support and production Need support in creating a compelling campaign video? Have a professional help you create the ideal video for your project.
Public relations package PR content preparation as well as distribution and follow up on behalf of your campaign.
Press release preparation Receive a professionally written press release
Campaign communications Receive assistance with assessing and segmenting your support network as well as preparation of email and social media content relating to your campaign.

* To qualify, funding goals must be mutually agreed upon by the project manager and 8848 Mkt. prior to the launch of the campaign and cannot be altered without written consent from both parties.

If you have any questions regarding these services or would like assistance in determining your needs, please contact 8848 Mkt. directly or feel free to contact Crowd Amplify’s support team.